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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What's the disk ID?

Your disk ID is a unique ID that identifies a drive on your computer. It's also known as HWID (HardWare ID). It's usually in the form of a dozen digits.

We ask it in order to ensure that you don't share your licence with other people. Therefore, CND Client will only be able to run on the selected disk.

Of course, we won't share it and you will be able to update it at any time on our Downloads page.

Use this program to get it.

My PC or drive has changed. How can I update my disk ID?

You can update your disk ID at any time on our Downloads page using this program.

The client tells me that I'm not whitelisted. How can I fix it?

It means that the disk ID you provided is not correct. There can be several causes:

- You have not provided a valid disk ID.

- The disk ID you have set is not valid anymore (e.g. you have changed your PC or drive).

- You have several drives on your computer and the disk we have saved is not the same as the disk you run the client on. In this case, try to move the file to another drive and run it again.

If these steps did not work, please contact us on our Discord support server.

Can I login to the website with another way than Discord?

Currently, the only way to login to the website is with Discord. The reason is that we didn't want to ask you for an email and a password.

I have lost access to my Discord account. Can I transfer the license to a new account?

If you have lost access to your Discord account, please contact us on our support server.

We will ask you to provide some proofs that you own the old account, so that we can transfer the license to your new account.


Can I pay with another method than Paypal?

No, you can only pay with Paypal. We currently don't plan to add new payment options.

What's the process to buy the license?

1. Login with your Discord account to the website.

2. Go to the Products page

3. Click on the Paypal button. You will be redirected to Paypal's website, that will show you all the information about the payment.

4. Once you have confirmed the purchase, you are instantly redirected to our Downloads page.

5. You can then download the client and enjoy playing!

Are payments safe on the website?

CND Studio's website uses HTTPS, that encrypts all communications between you and the server (the little lock near the URL).

All payments are processed directly by Paypal, as you are redirected to their website.

We do everything possible to ensure that payments are as safe as possible, but always be careful with viruses and public networks that might be able to access your Internet traffic.

How can I ask for a refund?

As described in our Terms of Service, you can ask for a refund within 24 hours for any reason. Simply open a dispute on Paypal and we'll help you.

After the 24 hour delay, some of the dispute reasons are not considered legitimate and will not lead to a refund. If you encounter any technical problem, please contact us first on our support server.


Does the client work on mobile or with Minecraft Java?

No, the client only works on Windows 10 or 11 and with Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

It will not work on other platforms such as mobile or MacOS.

The client makes my game crash, can I fix it?

First, please check that the version of the client matches the game version. In CND Client, go to Options > Debug > Is the current version of Minecraft compatible with CND.

If you don't run the correct verion of the client, please download the matching one.

If the version you run is correct, this means you found a bug in CND Client, and please let us know on the support server.

How can I report a bug about the client?

To report a bug, please open a ticket in our support server or send a message in #bug-reports.

Please provide some screenshots and your current version when reporting a bug.

My PC detects the file as a virus, can I fix it?

Windows may detect the file as a virus, as it's not downloaded often. To override this alert, click on "More info" then "Run anyway".


How can I get the customer role on the Discord server?

By default, we don't give the @CND Access to new customers, because some of them don't want it.

You can toggle this role in the Downloads page once you are logged in.